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For over a decade, Xcira has led the way in optimizing auction transactions. Today, our technologies are applied beyond auctions to other types of asset-related transactions in a variety of industries and around the world.

Xcira remains the global leader in asset disposition technology and solutions for businesses of all sizes. And no matter where our technologies are applied, our focus is always on bringing a complete understanding of business context to the task of improving asset disposition transactions for our customers.

Our name, Xcira (pronounced ex-see-ra), is suggestive of both our technology and our never-ending pursuit of excellence. The Xcira brand stands upon relentlessly helping you optimize your business.  We would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about your needs and discuss how we can help you reach your business goals.

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Continuous Growth
Best Practice Framework
Relentless Optimization

Xcira's unwavering commitment to our customers is demonstrated by more than a decade of consistent growth.  We value our clients' loyalty and recognize that it is only achieved and maintained when we take the time to understand each customer's business, providing them with technological innovation, continuous process improvement and unquestioned dependability. Sales to online bidders using Xcira technology totaled $4.6B in 2010.

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Xcira follows a multi-layered, best practice framework designed to embed excellence in our company culture. It begins with strategies that prioritize our client's needs.  We design processes to support these client-driven strategies and then establish measurable performance standards. Our procedures and culture emphasize accountability to assure continuous improvement in our performance.

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Xcira is an exceptionally customer-driven technology company. Our goal is to facilitate frictionless transactions for our clients and their customers. We view asset-related transactions through the eyes of those who use our technology.  We continue to look for ways to make asset disposition and information collection as fast and reliable as possible. Xcira exists to relentlessly optimize both the technology and the user's experience.

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Continuous Growth

Best practice framework
Customer driven technology company



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